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Check out testimonials from some of our customers.


"Curt is beyond great!!! I have traveled and had massages at THE best spas in the world!!
To find someone of this caliber in such a small town is unheard of!! A must go too!!!"

     - Bob K.


"Curt is absolutely amazing when it comes to sports therapy massage! I went from hardly being able to walk, then to back in the gym killing it after a few consecutive sessions! This is the way to go, my constant back pain is gone! Thanks Curt!"
     - Brock E.


"Curt's massages and helpful explanations of how the body works have released the pain in my muscles and nerves, and have empowered me to keep improving my health habits! Absolutely the best!!"
     - Susan H


"Rave review! I have been going to Curt for two years and have probably sent over a dozen people to him in that time. Every time he works on me, I gain more insight and understanding of my body and how it's connected (he educates you as well as works on you!). As a cyclist, I have tried to work through shoulder pain due to poor posture ... with Curt's help I have gained the awareness of key areas contributing to my shoulder pain and am now able to work these areas on my own between appointments using a pvc pipe and an old lacrosse ball. Trigger point therapy and tissue work make a world of difference in managing day to day discomfort from either putting in the work of an athlete or by simply living in a modernized world (too much sitting, computer work, etc). If you have ever wanted to understand your body and how its all connected as well as experience the release of trigger point massage - you must make an appointment with Curt!"

      - Julie S.


"Curt is super good at what he does I went there today with ongoing problems that I have had for 10+ years. 1 half hour session with Curt and I am seeing some improvement in my shoulder and neck already. I am looking forward to going back for my next treatment next week! He really knows his stuff!"

      - Josh S.

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